What is Statistics ?

Statistics is a study of numbers. Analyzing the information presented in the form of numbers and interpreting it. Study of numbers depends on type of information you have. Information can be numerical or in characters.

  1. Continuous
  2. Discreet

Continuous data are numerical values that have numbers after decimals. For example height of a persons 5.4. The numbers are continuous in nature.

Discreet data are numerical values which do not have values after decimal. For example count of persons. It cannot be 2.5. we can have 2 or 3 persons but not 2.5.

Basic understanding of data is critical to apply statistical methods.

In every walk of our life we deal with statistics. We can statistically analysis our activities. Wondering, how is it ?

Yes, just read the below points to understand, how every moment you spare can be statistically used to analysis about you:

  1. If you ride bike to office or may be car, you will notice that you will always have fix plan of putting pertrol/disel in a week. If your frequency to fill the tank has increased in week, you will start thinking why it happen. Well you know the answer why it probably happened. But my intention was to make you realize the calculation you had in mind. This is statistics, when you think that you have over spent on petrol. Interestingly, to check the extra amount you have spent was really more than usual, we do statistical analysis.

  2. You not only drink water when you are thirsty, you do it when you think that you have not drank enough water for the day. The consumption of water can be statistically used to find the chance of you getting dehydrated.

  3. The number of steps we walk can estimate the quantity of calories we burn. The best thing about it is that we no longer have to calculate those steps. Every smart phone has that readily available.Today, you checked your body mass index and found that you are over weight. Your app can design calorie burn plan for you in a stipulated time to be fit.